In systematisation of working everyday life it would be desirable to diversify the life somehow. But frequently to change it we not in forces. However it is possible to change a favourite drink. Bicherin it is the tasty and interesting drink which has come to us from Turin. It especially well approaches those fans of coffee who love sweet drinks and chocolate.

For its preparation sugar and fat cream and, certainly, hot chocolate is required to you to espresso. At first prepare espresso by means of a coffee-machine, or weld strong coffee in a turk, or very strong instant coffee. The quantity of portions should be equal to that quantity of people which are ready to try bicherin. After that warm up cups, and fill them on third of espresso, on one third with hot bitter chocolate. From above the drink is decorated by the cream shaken up specially. They fill a cup to the very top and gives all the best a beautiful hill. To decorate all this design it is possible grated chocolate and a mint leaf. Sugar moves separately to add it to taste before the use.

Hot chocolate is better to prepare houses independently, as the packaged chocolate completely not tasty. In the course of its preparation you can independently regulate flavouring qualities, and hot chocolate as a result will be excellent.