We choose a coffee grinding

Before beginning grinding coffee it is necessary to be defined, you wish to prepare what coffee. After all grinding degree will be reflected at once in quality of disclosing of aromatic and flavouring notes of a drink, a fortress, aquosity, a cream abundance.

That at you excellent coffee orientally the grinding should be the smallest has turned out. Such grinding name «in a dust» as particles of grains are similar to a flour, very small. For this reason Greeks, Turks, Arabs compare a grinding to the higher grinding of a flour. As such grinding, maybe, is comprehensible to coffee makers of drop type in which boiling water proceeds through a sieve from coffee.

Coffee makers of espresso of type can prepare the best coffee only from grains of an average grinding. As water moves under the big pressure in a small horn coffee should not hammer in an aperture in a small horn, for coffee watering into a cup. And if grains are ground too largely aromatic and flavouring properties of coffee simply not can reveal properly. Coffee will turn out watery, and the cream almost will not be.

If you make coffee in a coffee pot the rough grinding will approach you.

As quality of the ground coffee worsens quickly it is not necessary grinding coffee more than you are going to prepare right now.