Coffee of Makkiato

In the menu of modern coffee houses and restaurants the large quantity of the drinks prepared on the basis of coffee contains. One of interesting, and enough rare coffee drinks are Makkiato. Roughly speaking, it is espresso with a milk droplet.

For preparation of this drink it is required to you: ground coffee, for a coffee maker of espresso of type, average fry, and is better, if it is arabika, espresso the car, with steam the crane for preparation of a skin and a cup for cappuccino.

To begin with it is necessary to prepare espresso, it is better if it is that fortress which you prefer, instead of that which should be under the recipe. After espresso is ready, set aside a cup aside and start to shake up milk. For this purpose pour in pitcher or in a metal cup with a thin bottom of milk it is equal to half. Include coffee for preparation for steam giving and as soon as the readiness indicator will sunbathe, take pitcher for the handle, and other hand smoothly, but confidently include steam giving. After inclusion transfer a free hand on a bottom pitcher and supervise temperature. Drive pitcher as if shake up a blender a cocktail. After on a surface at you the dry skin has turned out, cautiously remove its spoon and lay out on an espresso surface. To submit such coffee it is necessary at once.