Dessert coffee

Presently fans of coffee have a wide choice among more than 100 various kinds of the flavoured coffee. By the way, usually flavoured coffee still name dessert. It is no wonder and partly it is possible to explain such variety of kinds a method of manufacture of similar coffee - it is made by spraying of coffee grains (usually inexpensive grades) by special basic oil and drawing of a flavouring basis after gril. The similar way has been invented in the USA in the seventies last century.

The most favourite grades - a wood nut, vanilla, chocolate, the Irish cream, amaretto, and also every possible fruit aromas. Also recently types popularity of coffee with cardamom and coffee with cinnamon more and more.

The separate coffee grinder for the flavoured coffee as any rests from last grinding can badly affect taste of the next portion of grains which you will mill is required to sellers of small shops and serious fans of coffee. The good decision will buy small, cheap and compact model, or to buy at once ground grains.

Three most popular aromas of dessert coffee which are especially extended to France and the USA - almonds, vanilla and a wood nut. That is characteristic, these grades are on sale especially actively during a summer season when fragrant coffee with ice is necessary as it is impossible by the way as toning up and freshening means.


Except sugar, for giving of taste of coffee most of all use milk. Traditionally, in the countries like Yemen, Ethiopia or Turkey, it is never added in a drink, and never, of course, is added in the present espresso. It is considered that the first time milk has been added in coffee by the French doctor in Grenoble, in 1865. Called doctor Sieur Monin.

At milk addition in coffee it is necessary to consider one important nuance - fat milk "absorbs" thin notes of aroma. Therefore it is necessary to use semiboldface or absolutely skim milk when it is possible. Also, it is quite good to warm up it before addition, as is hot (but not boiling) milk can add a pleasant highlight to taste of your coffee.