Summer coffee

With approach of warm weather, even more often we began to reflect not on a hot warming drink, and about pleasantly cooling cocktail. There are many ways to prepare the cold coffee connected and with addition of ice, and with addition ice cream. However all of them have one big lack. At coffee cooling by usual way, without the aid of auxiliary means, the most part of its aroma is lost. If to add ice coffee to lose the fortress and initial taste. Ice cream — the excellent additive for those who loves soft coffee. And what remains to those who loves the strong, sated coffee, but wishes to drink its cold? For this reason this recipe of preparation of cold coffee is especially valuable.

To begin with we take grains strongly fried, and we will grind them in a coffee grinder. The grinding should be large, rough. We place grains in a shaker or other closed high glass. We fill in grains with cold water in the ratio 1 part of coffee to 4.5 parts of water. If you wish to give to drink all family a fine drink it is necessary to take more grains. Densely having closed a shaker a cover we put it in a refrigerator at twelve o'clock. It is possible and leave for the night, but to sustain time is better. Fill form's for ice with boiled water and easy go to sleep.

Next morning add in coffee ice or sugar, all to your taste!